Red Rattler Train Door


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Well you definitely don't see these up for sale very often! We have for sale an old 'Red Rattler' train door. Possibilities are endless for the use of this piece of history...only limited by your imagination.

In store now. Because of it's weight, delivery outside the Mornington Peninsula area will be expensive so local delivery or pick up would be preferable.

Tait Class Trains (The following information taken from Wikipedia)

The Tait trains, also referred to as the "Red Rattlers", were a wooden bodied Electric Multiple Unit train that operated on the suburban railway network of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They were introduced in 1910 by the Victorian Railways as steam locomotive hauled cars, and converted to electric traction in from 1919 when the Melbourne electrification project was underway. The trains derived their name from Sir Thomas James Tait, the chairman of commissioners of the Victorian Railways from 1903 to 1910. The first cars were built during 1909 with the last entering service in 1951.
The trains were initially known as "Sliding Door" trains, as opposed to the Swing Door then in service. They were later known as "Red rattlers" or "Reds" from the 1950s when the blue painted Harris trains were introduced


From 1981 the last 37 of them were being replaced by 50 Comeng trains. They were not allowed in the City Loop due to fire hazard presented by their wooden bodies, so they spent most of their final years on the Port Melbourne, St Kilda and Sandringham lines.


 Due to industrial problems the last Tait trains were withdrawn from service in 1984


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